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Order Blood Testing OnlineYou have just discovered an incredible service that will allow you to get important health information quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Blood tests can identify risk factors of disease-important information that can help you and your doctor target lifestyle changes. And now you can direct the ordering of your own blood tests!

Here are the easy step-by-step instructions on how to check your own blood tests without a doctor’s visit. You will not need to spend alot and you will get results sent directly to you.

There will be no co-pays to the doctor, and the testing can be done at any LabCorp nationwide. The results will be completely confidential, so there will be no need to feel embarrassed about ANY test you may want to order (including screenings for STDs, etc.)

It’s so easy and inexpensive that I have shared this all of my friends, and maybe you will do the same.

Order your own blood testing and take charge of your health. These are the same clinical blood and laboratory tests that doctors rely on to diagnose serious medical conditions and guide life-saving therapies. These state-of-the-art blood tests, STD testing and other lab testing services are confidential, convenient, and affordable.

Ordering your own blood testing is safe, secure, confidential and best of all, an easy process. And as I mentioned… Instead of having to make a doctor’s appointment, you can obtain a lab requisition form and list of drawing stations in your area to have the tests done at your convenience.

This is all you need to do…

  1. Choose the test(s) to be ordered
  2. Select your lab location
  3. Pay online
  4. Create your personal account to access your requisition (and results)
  5. Print your requisition and take it to a LabCorp Patient Service Center to have your test done
  6. Access your results online and share them with your personal physician (if necessary)

Benefits of ordering your own blood testing…

  • No doctor visit needed; you will be provided with the lab order
  • Choose the lab location best for you … near home, near work, many locations
  • No hidden charges, taxes, or draw fees for blood or other lab tests

To check out the long list of testing available and learn more, click here:
Order Blood Testing Online
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